TOLarrea™ is the best all natural cold sore answer to the herpes simplex virus and how you can stop suffering today!
TOLarrea™ is 99% effective and 100% safe!  TOLarrea™ is the the answer!
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You're Not Alone

Did you know that 90% of the world's population has some form of the Herpes Virus strain.
TOLarrea™ is an herbal tincture made from the leaves and stems of one of the oldest living plants on earth.  It is a strong antioxidant, painkiller, and the best herbal answer.  TOLarrea™ is 99.7% effective in inhibiting the spread of the herpes virus in all areas of the human body.  Elimination is expected when used on the open sores / lesions.

What is herpes and why is this important?
The herpes virus is one of the most misunderstood viruses that can affect mankind.  The fact is, herpes is not just a sexually transmitted disease.  The virus can be found in 90% of all the vertibrate species.  Many humans contract varicell-zoster virus, a common herpes strain, as young children.  This usually results in a case of the chicken pox.

But the herpes simplex virus that caused your chicken pox as a child can live on in your body forever.  Only recently have we learned that the dormant herpes virus can lead to so many other common diseases.  According to Health Sciences Institute panelist Robert Sinnott, Ph.D:  "Herpes viruses have long been known to cause human diseases.  But we're finding out that they are much more prevalent and dangerous than anyone ever before imagined."

The lesson here is quite simple - disable the hidden herpes virus and your life could take a much healthier turn.

The TOLarrea™ breakthrough occurred when scientists identified a matrix of natural chemicals that appear to be responsible for Larrea's remarkable medicinal qualities.  Through a proprietary process, they have purified, concentrated and "soluablized" the active ingredients -- while eliminating all toxicity.  The result is a natural, 100% safe method of disabling the herpes simplex virus - and dramatically reducing your risk of illness related to the various strains of herpes.

How powerful is this?
In a recent clinical trial, a woman suffering from recurring and painful oral herpes experienced immediate relief from pain and swelling.  Less than 12 hours after using TOLarrea™, the lesions were gone!

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canker sore
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herpes simplex 1
fever blister cold sore remedies herpes simplex virus
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what is herpes
home remedies for cold sores "I was amazed at how much it helped me with my cold sore.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

- Barbara  from West Virginia
canker sore
cold sore
oral herpes
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fever blister

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